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The online Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Directory (TBIRD) is a byproduct of the print version of this book. We are making it available in Portable Document Format (PDF). The PDF format makes it easier to present the information as it would look in the printed book. To use PDF files you will need to have installed a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader (a free program). Depending on how you set up Acrobat Reader you may open the file up inside your browser, or save it on your hard drive to be opened separately in Acrobat Reader. Click here for more information on PDF files.

The TBIRD is available in its entirety and it is also available in chapters. If you download the entire book, you will have the file we use to make printed copies of the TBIRD. Updates are made periodically..

Download/view (792K) The TBIRD Book (The Whole Enchilada) 25 Chapters, Introduction, and Index.

Download/view individual chapters:

Introduction (68K)
Acknowledgments, Table of Contents, TBI 101, How to Use this Directory

Alcohol and Chemical Dependency Agencies (80K)

Brain Boosters (40K)

Case Management (44K)

Consumer Resources (48K)

Crisis Intervention Services (52K)

Day Programs (48K)

Disability Related Organizations (60K)

Domestic Violence (44K)

Driving Evaluation and Equipment (60K)

Education and English as a Second Language (80K)

Financial Aid and Assistance (56K)

Health Related Services (56K)


Housing Agencies/Facilities and Residential Care Facilities (112K)

Independent Living and Multiservice Organizations (64K)

Legal/Advocacy Services (60K)

Parenting and Family Resources (44K)

Post Acute Rehabilitation Facilities (52K)

Psychosocial Counseling - Mental Health Agencies/Services (68K)

Recreation and Leisure Resources (52K)

Resource Directories and Services, Information Resources, and Publications (72K)

Resources for Special Populations (64K)

Support Groups (76K)

TBI Internet Resources (64K)

Transportation Resources (64K)

Vocational/Prevocational Services (76K)

Index of Agencies/Facilities (136K)

We do not personally endorse any of the services nor make any guarantees regarding the information or services included in this directory.



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