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Center for Outcome Measurement in Brain Injury (COMBI)

A national resource for information regarding brain more>>

TBI Matters on HBOT

TBI Matters Presentation on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Join us for a free presentation on hyperbaric oxygen more>>

Amputee Advocate Mentor Program

New Amputee Advocate Mentoring Program

A new advocacy and mentoring program for amputees. more>>

Pop Warner Concussion Presentations

Youth at Increased Risk for Traumatic Brain Injuries

SCVMC is increasing awareness of concussion risks from more>>

Sexuality Through A Diff-Ability Lens

New Sexuality after Spinal Cord Injury Group

A group looking at sexuality after spinal cord injury more>>

Stroke Support Group

New Support Post-Stroke

New Stroke Support Group at Valley Medical Center more>>

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Further Analysis

RRC's newsletter Further Analysis more>>

Resources are always welcome

Other Downloadable Resources

TBI/SCI-related resource booklets available for download more>>

Cover of the ROBOT Resource Guide

The ROBOT (Resource Options for Back on Track)

This educational, vocational, recreational, and transportation more>>

cover of the TBIRD report

Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Directory (TBIRD)

TBIRD lists hundreds of TBI-related resources more>>

cover to the SCI-FYI manual

THE SCI-FYI The Spinal Cord Injury

The SCI-FYI is a collection of hundreds of resources for individuals with more>>

Our survey needs your input!

The TBI Model System Survey

Your help is needed! more>>

Talking Heads

Talking Heads Newsletter

Talking Heads: A community newsletters for individuals with brain injuries more>>

cover for RRC's own cookbook

The RRC's Own Cookbook

Carefully compiled and field tested. We hope you enjoy our recipes. more>>

Outside Links

Find links to several other useful sites here more>>

Conference Presentations

RRC conference presentations available for download in PDF format. more>>

Poster Presentations

RRC poster presentations available for download in PDF format. more>>

Lay Abstracts and Fact Sheets

What is the bottom line for research? more>>

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