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The TBI Model System Survey

Our survey needs your input!

Our survey needs your input!


The Rehabilitation Research Center (RRC) at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center is one of 17 federally-funded Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems of Care that are given grant money to encourage clinical improvements, provide community services, and conduct research in traumatic brain injury (TBI). We have been one of these Model Systems since 1987 and many of our activities have changed over those years.

We are fast approaching another opportunity for change and so we need input from YOU, our stakeholders, the people for whom we are trying to provide useful information, community services, and perform meaningful research that will, hopefully, make a difference in the lives of people with TBI and everyone who is impacted by it.

First, you have a stake in the kind of work that we do, so we would like your feedback on our current projects ­ don't worry if you don't know what they all are, just let us know what you think about the ones that you have used or are aware of. Second, we would like your opinion about the ideas that we have for the upcoming five years of work and give us your ideas about what is important to you. Please take the time to complete this survey. Your input really does make a difference ­ not only to us, but also to our fundingl agency­ all of the responses that we receive (completely without any names or identification attached) will become a report and be sent to the agency ­ that way, even if we can't include a particular idea, someone else may be able to do it.

To complete the survey:

You can fill it out online. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader. Complete the survey and press the send button. You can get the online survey here TBIsurvey (600k).

Thanks for taking the time to help us improve our programs!


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