Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Rehabilitation Research Center

2011 SCVBI Conference Montage

2011 SCVBI Conference Montage

Conference Montage more>>

Trisha Meili

A Story of Hope and Possibility

I am the Central Park Jogger more>>

Geoffrey Manley

Neuromonitoring and Clinical Informatics for Critical Care

Developing modern methods for monitoring more>>

Steve McKenna

Dual Diagnosis with Brain and Spinal Cord Injury

Diagnosing TBI in a SCI patient more>>

Jerry Wright

Needing Another Person At All Times

Independent living for persons with a TBI more>>

Robert Medel

Lessons Learned from a Community-Based Mentoring Program

community-based mentoring program more>>

Harriet Katz Zeiner

CRATER Therapy

A Form of Cognitive Retraining more>>

Laura Jamison

Lost to Follow-up in Longitudinal Studies

following patients after release from rehab more>>

Ketra Toda

Achievement of Educational Goal by young people with a TBI

Education of youth with TBI more>>

Kimberly Bellon

Can a Walking Program Improve Mobility in Patients with TBI

Walking therapy for patients with TBI more>>

Nate Stein

Music Therapy

music therapy for patients with TBI more>>

San José Chamber Orchestra’s Youth Orchestra

San Jose Chamber Orchestra's Youth Orchestra

San José Chamber Orchestra's Youth Orchestra program more>>

Liz Best

Annual Disability Day

the development of cross-agency collaboration more>>

2015 SCVBIC Logo

2015 Santa Clara Valley Brain Injury Conference

Find out more! February 5-7, 2015 More>>

2015 SCVBIC Logo

Slides from the 2015 SCVBIC

PDF versions of presentations from the 2015 Santa Clara Valley Brain Injury More>>

2013 Santa Clara Valley Brain Injury Conference Program

2013 Conference Program

The 2013 Program for the Santa Clara Valley Brain Injury Conference is More>>

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Download Presentation Slides

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Trisha Meili

Selected Videos from the 2011 Santa Clara Valley Brain Injury Co